Crafts for Every Day

Welcome to Infinity Crafts!

Infinity Crafts is an effort by a solo artist to create fun and useful art for the common people. Every attempt is made to create from reused materials.

Current projects are photo cards, flower clips, and earring trees. See the various pages to learn more about each project – including available products and cost.

To Order: Orders can be done in-person (fairs, referrals, etc) and over email. I am able to process credit cards through either PayPal or SquareUp (both secure), or accept personal checks from people I personally know. Your order will either be hand delivered (Boston area) or mailed (additional fee may apply).  See my blog posts (on right side, under recent posts) for updates and news. For questions or to place an order, please contact


Comments on: "Welcome to Infinity Crafts!" (2)

  1. Good luck Jenny!

  2. Sue Zinger said:

    Best of Luck to you Jenny. I know this will be a huge success! Sue Zinger

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